2021 Tournament Results

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April 3 Putnam
1st  T. Elias 34pts.
2nd K. O’Sullivan 33pts.
3rd B. Prior 30pts.
CTP  T. O’Meara

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Aptil 17 at The Links
1st  M. Curtin 37pts
2nd S. Carey 35pts
3rd T. Elias 35pts
CTP  D. O’Sullivan, PJ Colgan
May1st Apple Greens
1st  M. McCourt 38pts
2nd T. Elias 35pts
3rd B. Breen 32pts
CTP P. Caffrey, M. Reidy
May 16  The Links
1st M. Curtin 40pts
2nd J. Noone 35pts
3rd F. Finnegan 35pts
CTP T. Elias, P. Costigan
May 23  Maple Moor
1st  J. Murphy 41pts
2nd J. Phillips 41pts
3rd G. Noone 40pts
CTP  G. Noone, J. Solon
June 6 The Links
1st B. Flynn 42pts
2nd K. O’Sullivan 41pts
3rd M. Moss 35pts
                                                      CTP P. Costigan, D.Talbot
June 19th The Links
1st P. Caffrey 41 pts
2nd K. O’Sullivan 40 pts
3rd D. Talbot 39 pts
CTP P. Caffrey, K. Brosnan
July 3 Maple Moor
1st D. Mulligan 37 pts.
2nd M. Curtin 33 pts.
3rd B. Flynn 32 pts
                                CTP K. O’Sullivan, F. Finnegan
July 18th at The Links
1st M. Moss 38 pys.
2nd T. O’Meara 37 pts.
3rd B. Flynn 33 pts.
                                                    CTP P. Lafferty, J. Browne
July 25 Putnam
1st K. Brosnan 4o pts
2nd M. Moss 39 pts
3rd S. Carey 38 pts
                                CTP  D. Mulligan, T. Elias 
August 8th The Links
1st      M. McCourt              40 pts.       
2nd P. O’Meara 36 pts.
3rd F. Finnegan 34 pts.
                                       CTP G. Murphy, P. O’Meara
August 21 The Links
1st                       M. Moss                                              46pts                    
2nd B. Flynn 38pts
3rd P. Lafferty 36pts
                             CTP M. Moss, M. Moss
September4th at Putnam
1st       M. Moss 38pts 
2nd M. Curtin 34 pts
3rd D. Talbot 33 pts
CTP M. Moss, D Talbot
September 19 at Maple Moor
1st G. Murphy 38pts
2nd B. Montgomery 35pts
3rd S. Carey 35pts
CTP M. McCourt, D. Curtin
September 25  The Links
1st T. Elias 41 pts.
2nd K. O’Sullivan 40 pts.
3rd J. Solon 39 pts.
                                CTP G. Murphy, M. Moss
October 10 at The Links 
1st  B. Flynn 37 pts.
2nd F. Finnegan 36 pts.
3rd M. Moss 35 pts.
                                                    CTP D. O’Sullivan, S. Carey
October 16 at The Links
1st PJ. Colgan 38 pts
2nd P. O’Meara 35 pts
3rd M. Moss 35 pts.
                                CTP P. O’Meara PJ. Colgan
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