2018 Tournament Results

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                                                   October 20 at The Links
1st  J Firth  36pts
2nd   P Lafferty  36pts
 3rd  D Talbot  36pts
                                                      October 7th at Split Rock
 1st  D. Curtin  70
 2nd  D. Talbot  71
 3rd  F. Finnegan  71
                                                 September 30th at Pelham
 1st  D. Curtin  69
 2nd  P. Lafferty  72
 3rd  S. McCrimlisk  73
September 16th at the Links
 1st S. McCrimlisk 67
 2nd P. Lafferty 72
 3rd G. Murphy 72
September 1st at Pelham
1st F. Finnegan 43 pts
2nd K. O’Sullivan 38 pts
 3rd J. Solon 38 pts
August 5th Splitrock
1st P.J. Colgan 42 pts
2nd G. Murphy 34 pts
 3rd B. Andrasick 34 pts
July 22 at The Links
1st  Dean Marraccini 73 
2nd Jimmy Murphy  74
 3rd K. O’Sullivan  76
July 14 at Pelham
1st K. Brosnan 39 pts
2nd F. Finnegan 38pts
PJ. Colgan 37pts
July 1st at Splitrock
1st  K. Lynch 67
2nd  B. Marshall 68
3rd  M. Curtin  70
June 16 The Links
1st  B. Flynn 38 pts 
2nd  B. Andrasisk 37 pts 
 3rd  M. Curtin 37 pts 
June 3rd at Splitrock
1st  D. Maher  33 pts.
2nd  M. Curtin  32 pts.
 3rd  4 tied for 3rd  31 pts.
May 20th The Links
1st  J. Murphy  70
2nd  K. O’Sullivan 70
 3rd  P. O’Meara  71
May 6th at Pelham
1st  D. Curtan  72
2nd  Lafferty,Marshall,Finnigan  74
                                                        April 30th at Pelham
1st  B. Andrasasik  72
2nd  P. Lafferty  72
3rd Murphy,McCrimlish,Scales  74
April 21st at Pelham
1st Darren Talbot 67
2nd Tim Bell 72
 3rd Keiran O’Sullivan 73

CTP 7,10,12 Gerard Murphy, Pat Costigan, Jim Murphy

                                                       March 30th at Pelham
1st Marshall & Bennett