Article VII: Elections – Procedures and Rules


Nominations for officers shall be made at the regular scheduled meeting for October each year.

Nomination for officers duly made and seconded shall appear on the ballot for choice by membership. Candidates with the highest total vote shall be declared for the election.


Ballots listing the candidates for election shall be submitted to the entire membership, by mail if necessary.


Voting shall be completed at the scheduled meeting for November each year. On the night of the election the voting shall take place after the regular business of the meeting has been disposed of. The poll shall be conducted by three election inspectors who shall be appointed by the club on the night of the election. None of these inspectors shall be a candidate for office.

When the ballots have been counted, the inspectors shall make and sign a declaration of the number of votes for each candidate.

Installation of Officers

At their installation, officers shall assent to the following oath:

“I, (Name), do hereby solemnly pledge on my sacred word and honor in the presence of these members that I shall, to the best of my ability, discharge various duties incumbent upon me as an officer of The Woodlawn Golf Club, Inc. I further promise not to divulge the business transacted at the meetings outside the meeting, other than to a member whom I know to be in good standing. So help me, God.”


Term of office of President

The President may not serve more than two consecutive terms

Retirement of President

A retiring President may not be nominated or elected to succeed himself. A retiring President automatically becomes a member of the Board of Governors.

Resignation of President

If for any reason the president resigns or is unable to fulfill the duties of his office, the Vice-President shall succeed him. A special election shall be held to elect a Vice-President in such a case.

Resignation of Officers

Should an officer choose to resign from his office, he may do so verbally or in writing at any regular meeting of the club. Should the resignation be accepted, it shall be the duty of the members present to elect a member of the club to fulfill the vacancy for the rest of the year. The officer elected shall be installed immediately after his election.

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