Article V: Duties of Officers

Duties of President

The President shall preside at all membership meetings and, with the aid of the Board, appoint the committee chairman. He shall perform such other duties as the club may impose on him.

Duties of Vice-President

The Vice-President shall preside at all Board of Governors meetings and also in the absence or inability of the President shall execute all of the duties of the President.

Duties of Secretary

The Secretary shall handle all correspondence and record the minutes of all meetings.

Duties of Treasurer

The treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds; he shall be responsible for all financial records and make funds available from the treasury as directed by the membership, by vote or by the board of Governors with membership approval. The funds, books and vouchers in his possession shall, at all times, be under the supervision of the Board of Governors and subject to its inspection and control.

Attendance at Meetings

Any officer who fails to attend three consecutive meetings without a reasonable excuse shall forfeit his position. The position shall be declared vacant and a successor elected by the club shall fill the vacancy.

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