2020 AGM Summary

– Dues are to be paid by May 1, dues are $200

– Maple Moor received the most votes as far as trying a new course instead of Splitrock and Pelham. We have scheduled 4 tournaments at Maple Moor on a trial basis. We are not tied into the course for the year, if it is not working out we can try something else anytime we like.
– The Gaelic Club gave up some of their Sunday dates at the links this year. We picked up some of their dates in order not to have half our season depending on an unknown course (Maple Moor). If we find a suitable course in the Bronx or Westchester we can go back to an equal split of tournaments next year.
-This year non members of the Links that are playing with a club will be charged $65 dollars for green fees.
-The green fees at Maple Moor are going to be between $40 and $50 to walk a cart will be a extra $20.
 – Schedule will be finalized as soon as we hear back from Maple Moor.
 -We are going to have a tournament in Casperkill On the weekend of Sept 12.
in order to make it a full 16 tournament schedule.
 -The 1st tournament is going to be a Partners competition. Stableford scoring where both players scores will be added together for a team score. You will pick your partner for this tournament. This will be separate from the Partners Championship.
 -Partners Championship will be a 1 day tournament. Players will be matched by their handicaps, high will be matched with low. This will be played April 19.
 -The A,B and Handicap championship will start May 3. Seeding will be based on player index as of May 1.
 – Deadlines are going to be enforced this year.
 -If a deadline is missed attendance at scheduled tournaments will dictate which player moves on.
 – In the event of a tie extra holes can be played. If the players do not want to play extra holes they have to provide a winner before the next tournament if a deadline is in play.
 – If 2 players are scheduled to play a match and both players are signed up for a tournament, the match will be scheduled, and the players have to play the match that day.
-We need new members if you know someone who might be interested in playing bring them to the 1st 2 tournaments. If they think they would like to join they can join and pay their dues by May 1st.
 – We are going to look into an away weekend on Columbus Day weekend. Details will be forwarded later in the season.