Presidents Prize

First of all, we need a few mor guys to field a team against Spillane’s on Tuesday August 14 at 9:30 AM at the Links. We have an opportunity to compete in an inter club event for the first time in a couple of years and it would be shameful not to get the minimum team of 14. So far we have:

Darren Talbot
Gerry Murphy
Steve Carey
PJ Colgan
Mike Curtin
Dan Curtin
Don Courtman
Dean Marraccini
Thierry Elias
Jim Murphy
Jim Gilland and Bill Marshall ( partners)…..that is 12 , need a minimum of 14 or we will have to hand the match to Splillane’s
Also, next Sunday August 5th , we are back at Split Rock at 7:20….so far, have only heard from  both the Curtin’s.
Last event, the President’s Cup, at Links July 22:
   1st   Dean   Marraccini  net 73
   2nd  Jim Murphy  net 74
   3rd  Kieran O’Sullivan   net 76
   CTP   7th Gerry Murphy   10th Denis O’Sulivan   low gross:  Dean  77