Sunday May 6

First, because of continued sub-standard conditions and inadequate healing of the greens at Split Rock after a recent aeration, we are moving Sunday morning’s tournament to Pelham Bay. The start time has been changed to 9:26. Please make note of this change and sign up for this weekend’s event by Thursday morning 9 am.

    Today we had another raw day to deal with.The results are as follows:
1st place  ( match of cards, tie broken by final 6 holes)  Bob Andrasick 75 off 3    72 net   ( 24 net on last 6 holes)
2nd                             Pat Lafferty     87 off 15    72 net   25 net on last 6 holes    (25 net on last 6 holes)
3 way tie for 3rd       John Scales     Jim Murphy     Steve Mc Crimlisk    all with 74
6th                             Pat Whelan  75
CTP 3rd—-nobody 8th     CTP 8th   McCrimlisk   CTP 12th  Whelan
Please respond to this email if you wish to play Sunday. The weather may finally be better than decent and the course a bit lusher after the next 5 days of forecasted heat….Jim