April 21 at the Links

Here are the pairing for tomorrow, first tee time is slated for 11:30. I will ask that Pat Sullivan, who is copied on this email, please inform me ASAP in the morning if there is any frost delay so that I can update everyone before I get on the road. The Closest-to Pins will be determined on site. Also, the handicaps listed are from the #4 tees. If you are playing #3 tees, please inform me and adjustment will be made.

   We will play WINTER RULES in all fairways as the course is still soft from heavy rain earlier in the week.
11:30    Costigan  ( 17)    Brosnan   (14)    McCrimlisk  (11)    Bennett  (6)
11:39     Bell  (8)   Mulligan  (16)  —— (  Gerry Murphy (12)- Marraccini (3)    Handicap match?)
11:48    Byrne (24)   —–(Whelan(16)   Lafferty (16)   Handicap match ?)
11:57    Marshall (11)  Kieran O’Sullivan   (12)   Maher   (24)
12:06   Colgan  (16)   Jim Murphy  (10)   Stephen Murphy (nh)
12:15   Talbot  (12)  Thornton (13)   (Dan Curtin (23)–Solon (9) handicap match?)
12:24   Gilland (10)   Mike Curtin (13)   Lynch (13)   Mike O’Brien  (nh)
As you see, there a a few three-balls, so if anyone who hasn’t signed up has a change of heart later, contact me and you will get in. The forecast is Sunny, 10-14 mph wind, and a high of 52 up there, so be prepared for colder weather than the thermometer suggests.
It is incumbent to keep your group moving. We will play STABLEFORD tomorrow, so keep your group moving and if your score is ( for guys with 18 handicaps or less) more than a double bogey, for the love of God, pick the ball up !!!   bring a pen so your scorecard is legible and not the usual chicken-scratch that is turned in…..especially since it is stableford, keep a neater card than is the norm.