Woodlawn tournament tomorrow and ‘Ryder Cup’ format

From: James Murphy
Tomorrow at 7:42 at Pelham Bay, we will have a Stroke-play tournament with a Ryder Cup match-play kicker.
There are 30 participants, and with a little juggling we have 15 ‘Americans’ playing 15 ‘Europeans’.
EVERYONE please be at the course and checked in with me by 7:20, it would be nice to have a bit of atmosphere around the first tee. Some effort was expended to get guys out for this, so don’t be a selfish tool and come waltzing in at 7:40. There should not be a lot of traffic on the course tomorrow, so I expect we will get out right on time and that our round should not take longer than 4:20. At the conclusion, the management of PB/SR has included lunch and a beverage in appreciation of our patronage…… like the Ryder Cup each match is worth one point, by my count there are 24 points up for grabs. Hopefully, a Ryder Cup of sorts will be presented to the winning team.

For the stroke play club tournament aspect, I ask that everyone finishes out ( ie. holes the ball) even if a putt has been given in your match. The tournaments are normally won or lost by the 2-3 footers, and it is unfair to the field to pick the ball up.

We will have CTP on 8 and 12, LD on 18. I ask that the first group please take out three markers with them from the Pro Shop…… Having been there this week, I can attest that the course is only in middling shape, Winter Rules in effect on your own fairway.

The Honorary Captains for the Ryder Cup are Damien Sweeney and Bob Wallace, Bob is enforcing a 10 PM curfew for his team tonight.

The teams:

USA Europe

Dean M. Solon
J Murphy Lafferty
J Gilland K O’Sullivan
D Courtman Stapleton
McCrimlisk Pile
Carey Finnegan
Marshall Whelan
M Curtin T O’Meara
S. Firth Mulligan
Leavy D Curtin
J Firth Sweeney ( Capt.)
G Courtman Maher
Wallace ( Capt.) Flynn
Elias Breen
Lange Colgan

The Matches in order:

Marraccini & Leavy vs Solon & Flynn ( fourball)

Murphy vs Lafferty Gilland vs K O’Sullivan (singles)

McCrimlisk vs Pile Stapleton vs D Courtman (singles)

Carey & Marshall vs. Finnegan & Whelan ( fourball)

M Curtin vs T O’Meara S Firth vs Mulligan ( singles)

Elias vs Breen Wallace vs Maher ( singles)

Sweeney & D Curtin vs J Firth & G Courtman ( fourball)

Lange vs. Colgan ( Singles) – Carl Thompson -Mick Reidy ( guests)