Ryder Cup

From: Martin Moss


We would like some feedback about the Woodlawn club having its own Ryder cup competition. Now that summer is gone and fall is just around the corner we can get a day to have the Woodlawn Ryder Cup. This is just an email to get some ideas from everyone. You can respond to ​
don’t be afraid.​ ​
The general consensus is that we could have it some afternoon during the week at Pelham or Split rock. At least of the guys want to have a drink they don’t have to worry as much about getting pulled over. It’s a short distance and you can even get a cab home for most of us.

Please give us some feedback.

On another note. A few of the guys are going to Ocean city from October 18th to the 21st. 4 rounds of golf on great courses. Hotel with Breakfast each morning. Gerry Murphy and Andy Pile will provide the entertainment. All that for $380. The guys are going to drive down. They need to know by October 2nd.