Woodlawn competitions and deadlines

From: Thierry Elias

Hi all,

Due to a lack of cooperation in getting the matches played, Jim Murphy has decided to withdraw from managing the competitions this year.
I’m taking over for Jim on that front (Jim still manages the tournaments).

We are having a particularly bad year, in terms of respecting deadlines.
It is also possible that some of you have played matches, yet didn’t communicate results. If you have one, please email or text me your result ASAP.

So, here are the new deadlines I’m setting for all matches past previously set deadlines:

– Sept. 3rd (BEFORE our next tournament!):

– Breen-Costigan P (Handicap)

– Sept. 4th (DAY OF our next tournament):

– Andrasick-Bennett (CC)
– Murphy J-Moss (CC)
– Breen-Costigan P (B)
– Carey-Mulligan (B)

Sept. 17th (DAY OF our 2nd Sept. tournament):

– All CC and B semi-finals

These deadlines are set in stone, and I will make decisions as to whom is to advance (if anyone).
If you know that you will be unable to respect the deadlines, please have the decency of giving the match to your opponent.
If you are still active in two competitions and are behind in both, please be assured that your schedule will soon be lighter.

Hopeful to soon be flooded with result emails,