First tee time moved to 11:12

From: Jim Murphy
Guys , my attempt to send out a detailed email about tomorrow was met with 42 undelivered messages. So I will send out one with the barebone facts.

Our first tee time is 11:12. It is both a partner and individual stroke play event.

There 7 groups , plus 2 members playing in Links members slots earlier
The first three groups out are as follows :

11:12 Elias Pile Leavy Carey
11:21 Lange Scales Whalen Lafferty
11:30 K O’ Sullivan Brosnan Gilland Marshall

Everyone be there by no later than 11:15. It is two events: an individual stroke play and the one day Partners Championship. entry $20 per man

We have been cited by the Links Board for slow play. The first group is responsible to set 4:20 pace and don’t hesitate to say something if you think someone in your group is playing too slowly.

The rest of the details to follow at the course