Tomorrow morning 7:00 AM Pelham Bay

From: James Murphy

Hello again,
Tomorrow marks the 4th qualifier for the CC and B and thus will be played off stroke play. Also, I have paired 12 competitors in the 1st round of the Handicap tomorrow. First Round Handicap matches should be played by month end and those not contested tomorrow will likely have to be played outside our tournament since next weekend’s Woodlawn event at the Links will be the annual one-day Partner’s championship. It is noted those first round contestants that are showing up and those who aren’t should the committee have to determine who advances. Of course, everyone prefers these things to be decided on the golf course.
Since we have an odd number, their will be one group of five tomorrow. My apologies for that but the management of SR/PB does not want to give an extra tee time that would have allowed 3 threesomes.

I respectfully ask that EVERYONE ( with one exception, a guy who was courteous enough to inform me he would be a little late) have checked in and paid me before 7 AM. Our first group heads to the tee at 6:58 and I expect everyone there by then. It shouldn’t be too much to ask since everyone will be on the course before 8 AM. Remember, if I can be there from Northern NJ , you can make it from the Bronx, Westchester ( especially Pelham Manor NY