Results from Split Rock – May 1

From: James Murphy

I’ll start by saying that we were fortunate that the weather forecast worked to our advantage yesterday. We had few other golfers holding us up and the first Woodlawn Group set a good pace ( thank you Tom Bennett), allowing us to move along at a nice 3 hour 50 minute pace for the first four groups, the fifth through seventh groups lagged a bit ( 4:05 for 5th 4:10 for 6th, to 4:15 for the 7th and last group). While 4:15 is a good pace normally, that’s not the case when there is nobody in front of you. Lets leave it this way: enjoyment of the day’s pace of play would have been lessened if the groups had been reversed.To those of you who backed out, you missed a great day for golf, at most a light drizzle, good course conditions, and no waiting. I ask that you take a look at the 5 day forecast before you commit to playing. Weather information is out there 5 days in advance.
The results:

1st — Bill Marshall 65 net ( another "career round!!" by Billy)
2nd—- Kevin Lynch 69 net
3rd —-Dom Mulligan 71 net

CTP — 4th Sean O’Sulivan 16th Bill Marshall LD Dean Marraccini — low gross 4 tied at 81