Saturday results

​From Jim Murphy:

While it was a great day for golf and Split Rock was in decent shape, the pace of play there was again a major impediment to fully enjoying your round. Rest assured, I will be making our views known to Split Rock management on this. They insist on 8 minute tee-time spacing, and have rangers who drive around aimlessly, not moving along the slow groups, which inevitably leads to insufferably long rounds like Saturday ( and our previous outing at Pelham Bay). One tactic is going to be to ask for earlier tee times next year which usually lessens the logjam , at least a little bit.
Here are the results:

1st net Bill Marshall 84 off 14- 70 net ( Tiebreaker 41 net 34 on back)

2nd Net Marty Moss 77 off 7- 70 net (net 35 on back)

3rd net Joe Stapleton 72 net

CTP 12 Jim Gilland
CTP 16 as unlikely as it sounds, 2 guys in the same group measured equally at ​8’8″: Don Courtman and Mike Curtin

Long Drive 17 Bubba Solon

Low Gross Marty Moss

Next event is at Links, Saturday Sept 19…..I expect all competitions will have concluded semi-finals by that date. If you are in the partners, please contact your opponents and arrange to play

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  1. Stephen Carey says:

    Jimmy count me in next week how about those Mets it is getting like the mid 80’s

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