Next Saturday August 1 @ 7:58 Split Rock

From: Jim Murphy

For those who are not playing at the Links today, I want to remind everyone who wants to play next Saturday to please sign up by Wednesday night. I have a firm deadline because the management of Split Rock has gotten much stricter about filling empty slots with non-club members .They are also charging for no-shows. If you have been a no-show, and wish to play, remember the club has been charged for your absence ( you know who you are!) and you will be asked for 2 green fees. Also, since there are three scheduled tournaments in August, I am extending the July 31 deadline to August 1 for any unplayed CC, B and handicap matches. I have not been given a single result in the Partners 1st round, so please schedule and play your Partners match BEFORE the August 9 tournament.
Finally, a word of thanks to those who are representing Woodlawn in the Links Founders Cup today. ….Jim M