Sunday first tee time 11:03

From: Jim Murphy

Pay attention to this email. There has very poor keeping of scorecards and I am done having to recalculate everything. Thierry will not be there to help this Sunday so I expect guys to do a better job of keeping an accurate and neat scorecard. Mistakes, whether accidental or not, are too common and won’t be accepted any longer. There will be two cards given to each group. Two players on each card. Keep your score and STABLEFORD points as you are going along. One point for NET bogey, 2 for NET par, 3 for NET birdie, etc. Don’t come into the clubhouse and start adding your points up in there.
Very importantly, there are about 15 handicap ( mostly) and B and Club Championship matches going on Sunday. If you want to concede a hole to your opponent, fine. But there is an important tournament going on, The President’s prize, so Everyone has to play the ball into the cup if there is a STABLEFORD POINT on the line. For most that means up until double bogey. For those with handicaps higher than 20, pick up when 3 over on a hole…. But when points are available, NO GIMME’s! Each tournament has been decided by tiebreaker’s lately and we need to get back to uniform rules. SO everything into the hole!
Since there are so many matches being played, please clearly indicate in PEN on the front of the card, who the winner of the match is. I don’t have the time or the interest to guess who won.
I will decide CTP and LD holes Sunday morning.
Finally, at 11:20am I will be closing up shop for collecting entry fees and checking players in. If you have not arrived by then, it is your job to seek me out on one of the putting greens or the driving range. If you have not checked in with me before you go out, you aren’t eligible for a prize. I will not chase you down, find me in the practice grounds.

11:03 Moss 8- McCourt 10 (CC) Pile 15 Wallace 22
11:12 Costigan 16 Breen 13 (H’cap) P O’Meara 22 Finnegan 15 (B Scr)
11:21 Firth 23 Maher 20 Browne 8 Bell 10 (CC)
11:30 Stapleton 14 Scales 24 Talbot 10 Dunleavy 15
11:39 Brosnan 14 T O’Meara 15 ( Hcap) Andrasick 4 Flynn 17 ( Hcap)
11:48 Gallen 16 J Murphy 10 ( Hcap) Sherry 16 Noone 19 ( B Scr)
11:57 McCrimlisk 11 Whelan 16 ( Hcap) Sweeney 22 ( B Scr)
12:06 Carey 12 Lafferty 11 ( Hcap) Byrne 23 K O’Sullivan 13 (Hcap)
12:15 Solon 11 G Murphy 11 ( CC) Lynch 13 Dooley 24

See you Sunday morning, it promises to be the better day of the weekend! Jim