May 31st Results

From: Jim Murphy

We were fortunate with the weather last Sunday, and Pelham Bay was in very good shape too….. There were some issues with Stableford score-keeping, and there were even a few players who did not know that we were using Stableford even after being given cards with just two names on them for ease in keeping running point totals. The FINAL results of the day were as follows, after a discrepancy in point totals was discovered:

1st Bob Andrasick 37

2nd Steve McCrimkisk 37

3rd Bill Marshall 36

4th John Gallen 36

5th Jim Murphy 35

6th Gerry Noone 35

In handicap matches played : Bell over D Curtin G Murphy over Scales McCourt over Browne

In CC flight Andrasick over Gilland

CTP 8 Breen CTP 12 Gallen LD Andrasick