Minutes Page and Changes for 2015

At our last meeting Thierry Elias recommended that we post minutes of meetings so that people who could not attend the meeting would be aware of any matters decided at the meeting. With this in mind, there is a page added to the site under the name Minutes, where copies will be posted. I have put the minutes for the December meeting there. I will try to add some other previous minutes but many are not in digital form so that will be a little work. Decisions of note at the December meeting regarded the deadlines for the Club, ‘B’, Handicap, and Partners Championship. Those deadlines are as follows:

  • End of June: 1st Round of Handicap
  • End of July: 1st Round of Club and ‘B’, 2nd Round of Handicap, 1st Round of Partners
  • End of August: Quarter-Finals of Club,’B’, and Handicap
  • End of September: Semi-Finals of Club,’B’, Handicap, and Partners
  • End of October: Final for Club, ‘B’, Handicap, and Partners

A couple of smaller changes were to not apply the penalty for winning a tournament to the President’s Prize but at the subsequent tournament played and for purposes of Player of the year points, only 1st place will be decided by tiebreaker. If players are tied for other positions they will divide up the point applicable to those position equally, rounding up to the nearest whole number. So if two players are tied for 2nd and 3rd at a tournament – worth 12 and 8 points for Player of the Year- they will each get 10 points.