Saturday April 4 Split Rock 8:20

From Jim Murphy:

Following are the groups for tomorrow morning’s 2015 inaugural tournament. I ask everyone to please check in by 8:00 am to allow for settling accounts with the Pro Shop by 8:10. The greens fee and entry fee total $63, or $65 if you have to ask me again after reading this! Also, if you bring a check for dues to either of the first two tournaments, the amount will be $200, which includes one admission to the year-end Awards dinner.
There is a forecast today for late afternoon rain carrying into the overnight, total amounting to half to three-quarters of an inch. However, Al Roker just assured me all rain will pass the area by 6am and we will have Sunshine emerging before you get to the 6th hole. There are supposed to be fairly brisk winds accompanying the clearing skies, with temperatures at 45 degrees at 9 AM and a high of 49 by the time we march off the 18th hole, beaten and battered.
As you already know, we have moved this event to Split Rock from Pelham so as to avoid putting on freshly aerated Greens. But it will still be rugged on Split Rock. So, considering the conditions, I have decided that tomorrow’s game will be played from the White tees( which are comparable in length to the back tees at Pelham Bay) and we will play Winter Rules in the FAIRWAYS, not the rough. Generally, Split Rock does a good job with preparing the bunkers. However, If you find your ball in an unraked bunker, confer with your competitors and you may rake the spot and drop the ball from knee-height.
Handicaps given are for the White tees at Split Rock.

Group 1 Mike Curtin 11 Gilland 7 Elias 12 Sweeney 22

Group 2 Wallace 20 Firth 19 G Murphy 9 Andrasick 3

Group 3 Marshall 16 Dan Curtin 19 Lafferty 9

Group 4 John Leavy NH J Murphy 10 Carey 12 ( will new member Leavy be able to engage his glutes under competitive conditions? he couldn’t engage them in Myrtle Beach )

Group 5 Talbot 10 McCrimlisk 10 Bell 9 Scales 24

Group 6 McCourt 9? Mulligan 13 Stapleton 12 Byrne 21

CTP 12 and 16

Stroke play- low net, qualifier for CC