Trip to Myrtle Beach

From:Gerry Murphy(murph46)

To the guys that r interested in the myrtle beach trip to the legends, details r as follows :being there are only 2 flights into myrtle beach by spirit airlines, we were leaning toward flying in wed nite the 5th of November on the 630pm flight. We would play Thursday either 1 or 2 rounds and then play Friday and sat . Or we can play 2 rounds Friday,Sat we would play and the last flight is at 213pm,so we could stay sat and leave sun on the 906am flight or the 213pm flight.we can stay for 3 nights or 4 nights, it is same price.just figured it would be easier to wake up Thursday and play instead of getting down there at 130pm in the afternoon.So it would be 4 days and 4 nights or if u want to come back Saturday u would be cutting close if we don’t get a 730 or so tee time. So I want a final count in order to make reservations. Let me know who is coming so Stephen can call and make reservations. Get back to me by Sat and let me know who is in. Remember if u want to come back sat, I will try to get early tee time so we can play and then go to airport. If u want to play and not be in a rush we can come back Sunday.