Results from Sept 6 at Pelham and early sign up for Woodlawn Memorial Saturday Sept 20 @12:15 @ the Links

From Jim Murphy:

Yesterday started out cloudy and muggy, and ended up bright and sunny. A good day perhaps to ‘draw the Curtins’, as Dan and Mike Curtin played well in achieving a first: a Father/Son duo taking first and second low net in a Woodlawn Club event. Without further ado, here were the results:

1st net Dan Curtin 85 off 20 net 65
2nd net Mike Curtin 77 off 11 net 66
3rd net K Brosnan 80 off 13 net 67
4th net O Kearns 86 off 18 net 68
5th net J Murphy 80 off 10 net 70
6th net T Elias 83 off 12 net 71

ctp 8 M Curtin ctp 12 Moss LD 18 Wallace Low Gross M Curtin

Please send emails to sign up for the Woodlawn Memorial. We had two instances of members being shut out of yesterday’s event because they responded after the deadline and Pelham was fully booked and hence there was no chance to get another tee time.

Note the deadline for the CC, the B, and the Handicap semis is Sept 17. That means you are expected to come to the next tournament with a result. Do not wait until the Sept 20 event to play your semi-final or you risk disqualification.. Arrange to play your opponent next weekend, or else your attendance will be factored in to who goes forward.