Sunday morning , July 6th 7:08 at Pelham Bay

Because I will be out of town Friday and Saturday, I will need to give the management at Pelham/Split Rock our sign-ups on Thursday at noon. So please commit sooner rather than later if you wish to play in next Sunday’s tournament. Below are the sign-ups to date and the matches they intend to play. If you are listed as an opponent and have not signed up, please contact me so I can arrange the most matches possible. This will be the last tournament to settle Handicap and Partner’s first round matches.

Don Courtman
Bob Wallace-John Gallen ( B Scratch)

Bill Marshall>>>> this team has signed up, need to play B.Flynn – T O’Meara, who have not
Jim Gilland>>>>>

Greg Courtman
Steve McCrimlisk

D Mulligan>>>>>> this team has signed up, want to play K O’Sullivan and K Brosnan, who have not
Frank Finnegan

Gerry Sherry- Joe Browne ( Handicap)

Other matches that need to be played Partners Sweeney/ G Murphy vs Browne/Maher Andrasick/Kearns vs. Smyth/Breen

As it is a holiday week, a timely response is appreciated…..Jim