Tee Times and Weather Guarantee for Sunday June 8 @ Split Rock

​From Jim Murphy:

First tee times is 7:08 . I am guaranteeing picture perfect conditions, a light and subtle breeze , almost calm. 66 when you tee off, 83 when you finish…. There are a number of matches being played, but in attempt to speed up the play, we are playing Stableford . That should help move things along a little. We can’t have another week where there is a 30 minute gap between groups finishing. So if you lay 6 on the green, take one putt and pick it up, mark it as 8X, and move along. Please be conscious of keeping up with the group in front of you. As it is Stableford, in lieu of a low gross there will be three ‘Closest to the pin’ on holes 4,12,16…long drive on 14. Finally, as it is more complicated to check in at Split Rock than the Links, show up 45 minutes before your tee time and have exactly $62 . Is that hard to remember? No, and the first comedian who asks me how much it is, is penalized two shots.

7:08 Breen (13)-Marshall(16) (Handicap) G Murphy (12) Gallen (16)

7:16 Bell (9)- McCrimlisk (10) Lafferty (11)- T O’Meara (13) (both CC matches)

7:24 Andrasick (3)- M Curtin (12) (CC) Talbot (10/0) Byrne (24)

7:32 Flynn (19)- Smyth (20) ( B scratch) Noone (18) D Curtin (22)

7:40 Stapleton (11) Finnegan (13) Denis O’Sullivan B Costigan ( 24)

7:48 Elias (15) – Solon (9) ( Handicap) J Murphy (10) Scales (24)

7:56 Browne (11) Dooley (24) Moss (9/7) Carey (14)