Sunday May 18 11:30 @ the Links

From Jim:Murphy:

Here are the members who have signed up for Sunday’s tournament to date. First listed are members who have given me the name of a partner that they will paired with. After that are listed individuals who are still sitting in the bleachers and need a dance partner. So if you are looking for a partner, reach out to one of these guys….. Note that this is also an individual stroke play event and the final opportunity to qualify for the handicap, club championship, and "B" Scratch. New members are eligible to play for the Club Championship, but not tournaments with a handicap component in their first year (e.g. the Partner’s). Also, there will be a Club meeting at 10 AM on the member’s patio to address on-going Woodlawn business and to swear in new members.

Mike Curtin-Dan Curtin
Moss-J. Murphy
Bell- O’Shea
John O’Meara-Phil O’Meara

John Scales
Bill Marshall
Donal Maher
Darren Talbot
Joe Stapleton
Frank Finnegan
Joe Browne
Gerry Murphy

Please respond with your intention to play by Thursday night as pairings will be given to the Links on Friday morning