Signup For Next Tournament – Final Championship Qualifier and Partner Qualifier

From Jim Murphy:

Please email or text me to reserve a spot at the next tournament, Sunday May 18th at The Links (11:30m AM).
A reminder that will be the last tournament to qualify for the Handicap and Scratch Championships. It will be interesting to see what qualifying scores ultimately turn out to be. They are certainly high heading into our final qualifier.  That day will also be a partners event, better ball net to determine qualifiers and seeding for the Woodlawn Partners tournament. Top 8 teams qualify.
It will also be an opportunity for each two-man team to attempt to qualify for the MGA net team championship. Each MGA club is afforded the opportunity to send a team from a qualifying event. For an entry fee of $20 per team, the low team that enters will represent Woodlawn at a first round venue in early June.
As a final note, if someone makes a request to be put out early ( or late, for that matter), please be on notice that I will respond ( one way or the other) if I receive such a request. I have had two incidents so far this year where I was told that an Email and a text were sent to me.  If I had received one or the other , I would have acknowledged it. In neither case did I receive anything, so don’t assume anything unless you hear back from me.