REMINDER!! Woodlawn Sign Up- Next Tournament- Saturday, June 15th, Links beginning 12:30 PM

From Bill Marshall:

Hi, this is a reminder that tomorrow, Tuesday, June 11th, is the deadline to sign up for the next Woodlawn Tournament this Saturday, June 15th, at the Links. Again, for those of you who had not come to play on June 2nd and were not able to compete in the matches, along with those who did and have other matches to compete in, need to look at the various matches you have left to meet the first deadline which is July 7th. We will be keeping a much stricter tight line on these deadlines this year to make sure that the matches are moving along. Therefore, I encourage you to contact your opponents and try to set up matches over the two remaining tournaments (6/15 + 7/7) in order to get your matches played in time so that you not subject to disqualification. You can find all the competition brackets on our site @

If you have contacted your opponent to schedule a match, let me know when you sign up. If not, I will go ahead and set up matches based upon who signs up by tomorrow. I will send out the tee time sheets as normal at the end of the week.

Those who have signed up to date are:

Kieran O’Sullivan (playing M Moss in A Scratch)
Marty Moss
Thierry Elias
Gerry Murphy
Mike Curtin
Dan Curtin
Jim Gilland
Stephen Carey
Pat Smyth
Dominic Mulligan
Bill Marshall
Bob Andrasick
Brendan Flynn (playing K Brosnan in HCP)
Kieran Brosnan
Ed Dooley

Best regards,

Bill Marshall (EM) bmarshallsports