Final Call to SIGN-UP Woodlawn Tournament on Sunday, June 2nd at Split Rock, beginning 7:16 AM (Stableford Event)

From Bill Marshall:

Hi, this is a final call to sign up for this Sunday’s Stableford Tournament at Split Rock beginning at 7:16 am as today is the deadline. We reserve 8 foursomes (32 golfers) for each event. As of now, we already have 7 foursomes (28 golfers) signed up. I can not guarantee that I will be able to get more than the 8 foursomes that we have reserved, meaning that there are four spots left. If I get more than four, I will try to get additional spots from Split Rock. If not, the first four to respond will be in.

Those 28 golfers who have signed up to date are:

Joe Firth
Pat Smyth
Tim Bell
Bill Marshall
John O’Shea
Bruce Sumner
Stephen Carey
Bob Wallace
Gerry Murphy
Donal Maher
Theirry Elias
Jim Murphy
Mike Curtin
Dan Curtin
Brendan Flynn
Marty Moss
John Solon
Pat Whelan
Dean Marraccini
Brian Costigan
Pat Lafferty
Tom Tuffy
Frank Finnegan
Kieran Breen
Gerry Noone
Kieran Brosnan
Joe Browne
Steve McCrimlisk

IMPORTANT!!! In addition, later today I will send out the Brackets for the Handicap Tournament (32 golfers who shot a net 78 or better), and the Partners Tournament (8 teams). As normal, if you want to play someone specifically you need to let me know no later than tomorrow so that I can make up the tee times along with who’s playing who. If I do not hear from you, and one of your opponents is signed up to play, I will automatically set your match up for you. We have very few tournaments to play to meet deadlines so this format, like we did last year, works great and gives you advance knowledge for your match. I will forward all the tee times along with who is playing who by Friday. The A+B Scratch brackets won’t be set up until Saturday when the revised handicaps come out.

Bill Marshall (O) 914-574-6210
(C) 917-855-0660
(EM) bmarshallsports