Brackets for Handicap Tournament and Partners Tournament

From Bill Marshall:

The Handicap Tournament and the Partners Tournament are posted on the Championships page.

Attached please find the Brackets for the Handicap Tournament (32 golfers who shot a net 78 or better), and the Partners Tournament (8 teams). We are starting the Handicap Tournament this Sunday at Split Rock for all those who have qualified. If you prefer to play the Partners over the Handicap Tournament let me know no later than tomorrow, although it would be preferable to play the Handicap Tournament since there are so many players competing. If I do not hear from you, and one of your opponents is signed up to play, I will automatically set your match up for you this Sunday and send you the tee times on Friday. We have very few dates to play (see the deadlines on the brackets) so using this format, as we did last year, works great and gives you advance knowledge of your match. The A+B Scratch brackets won’t be set up until Saturday when the revised handicaps come out.

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