DEADLINE…Woodlawn Tournament this Sunday, October 15th, Links

This is to remind everyone that the DEADLINE to sign up for this weekend’s event on Sunday is tomorrow. Since we are at the end of our schedule, it is critically important to show up if you are in the remaining  championship categories. Failure to do so will likely result in a disqualification, so “heads up” is the word!!!!

For all others, it will be a Stroke Play event beginning at 11:30 am. As usual, once I receive all the final names tomorrow who want to play, I will set up competitions and respective tee times and forward to everyone in advance.

Here is the list of members who have signed up thus far. Clearly, we most of you have not responded as of yet since we have so few names. Deadline is tomorrow!!! Please DOUBLE check that you are on this list if you THINK that you have signed up. Likewise, if you are on the list but can’t play, let me know immediately!!!


Those signed up to play are:

Bob Wallace

Dean Marraccini

Thierry Elias

Dan Curtin

Jim Murphy

Bill Marshall