We only have 3 tournaments remaining in the season, all at the Links. They are on October 14th, October 28th, and November 3rd. It is important that the golfers remaining in the various competitions show up to play to get these done, or better still, contact your opponent to see if you can play at an earlier date. If you do, just contact me with the final results as soon as they are played.  The worst scenario now is with the Partners Matches since the Andrasick-Lynch / Murphy-Wallace match has still yet to be played even though the deadline was a long time ago. This match needs to get played on the next event, or preferably sooner.

Here’s where we stand with all of the remaining matches.

A Scratch:

Dean Marraccini is in the Final, and waiting to play the winner of the Bob Andrasick vs. Tom Bennett Semi-Final match.

B Scratch:

Stephen Carey and Bobby Wallace have played their first 18 holes in the Final, and have one more round to play in their 36 hole match.


Pat Lafferty plays John O’Meara

Pat Costigan plays Kieran O’Sullivan

Dean Marraccini plays Kieran Brosnan

Kieran Breen is in the Semi Final waiting to play the winner of the Marraccini / Brosnan match.

These matches are behind schedule. Please try to contact your opponent to try and set up a time to play in advance of the next tournament if possible.


Gerry Murphy-Bobby Wallace MUST play Bob Andrasick-Pat Lynch (way past due), with the winners then playing the Steve McCrimlisk-Stephen Carey team.

Jimmy Murphy-Thierry Elias team plays Pat Costigan-Phil O’Meara team.

Again, all of these matches are far behind schedule. If possible, set up matches for this coming weekend and get them played before the next Woodlawn Event on October 14th.

Finally, please respond to this e-mail if you plan to play in the next Woodlawn Golf Tournament at the Links on Sunday, October 14th, beginning at 11:30 AM. Deadline to enter is Tuesday, October 9th.