FINAL Qualifying Round for All Competitions – May 20th

The tournament on  Sunday, May 20th at The Links will be the final qualifying round for the Handicap, A Scratch, B Scratch and Partner’s Championships. All members looking to play must email Bill Marshall ( ) by May 15th. If you have arranged a partner already, please let the Greens Committee know. Likewise, if you would like to be partnered with someone in order to qualify for the Partner’s Championship please inform the Greens Committee before the day of the tournament.

Please see Championships page for more details on all Competitions.

2 comments on “FINAL Qualifying Round for All Competitions – May 20th

  1. Do we have a list of the qualified scores for the A Scratch as of now? It would be nice to know for those who think they are on the bubble.

  2. Hi Dean,
    I will ask Bill if he has that available or at least what the cutoff score is as of this time.
    – John O’Meara

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