Communication for the 2012 Season

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Most of the communication this year will be done via e-mails. We have 77 active members in Woodlawn. It’s simply not practical to expect phone communication on an ongoing basis. The 2012 Woodlawn Schedule has 17 events planned, and is on the site now for your referral.
One area on our site that needs your immediate attention to is our “Contact List” on the website.Please take a look at it ASAP!! We have 77 members, but we are missing e-mail addresses from 20 of the 77 members. Clearly, they will not be receiving important information going forward if their correct e-mail address is not on the contact list. Please inform those members you see that are not on the list so that they are aware the need to update the contact list to include them. I will be trying to reach them as well on my own by phone to get these. Additionally, there are 8 members who have no phone number listed. Again, when it comes time to make certain calls based upon an individual need, we will access to these numbers. Please e-mail this information so that we can add it to the contact list. If you have “revisions” of e-mail addresses of phone numbers you would like to make please send those as well.
Finally, if you do not have a computer, and need to call me to sign up for an event, my cell phone is 917-855-0660. However, again, I ask everyone to use e-mail as your main line of communication. It’s a much more organized manner to produce effective results on behalf of the entire membership!
We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible next weekend for a great day of golf, and of course, a few brews thereafter!
Have a great week!
Bill Marshall

One comment on “Communication for the 2012 Season

  1. Michael McBride says:

    John, Billy, great job on the website. It looks great. Will be monitoring the results but with number 3 having arrived and having moved, I won’t be able to compete. Might get back into the swing in 5 or 10 years.

    Good luck.

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