Presidents Prize July 22 The Links

This coming Sunday we will have an outing starting t 11:03 at The Links at Union ValeIt is also  President’s Prize day and Darren Talbot would like a good turnout….,.Sign-up is open until 4PMSaturday.

So far, the following have said they will attend:
Mike Curtin
Dan Curtin
Stephen Carey
Tim Bell
Peter Byrne
Frank Finnegan
Steve McCrimlisk
Darren Talbot
Gerry Murphy
Pat Lafferty
Joe Firth
Gerry Noone
  On Saturday last at Pelham Bay in ideal conditions, no one went super-low but there were about 8 scores in the 36-37 point area. However, the two scores that prevailed were 39 points for Kieran Brosnan ( 1st) and 38 for Frank Finnegan ( 2nd). PJ Colga topped the 37 point contingent for 3rd on Tie-breakers.
CTP’s were won by Bill Marshall, Peter Byrne, and Gerry Murphy.

Results from July 1

The results from a sultry Sunday at Split Rock:

1st Low net:  Kevin Lynch 80 off 13 67 net
2nd               Bill Marshall 83 off 15 68 net
3rd                Mike Curtin 83 off 13  70 net
CTP 12th       Frank Finnegan    CTP 16th    Bob Andrasick
Congrats to everyone!
Next outing: next Saturday July 14th @ 7:04….please sign up early as Pelham/Split Rockmanagement asks for names on Thursday morning.
There are matches that have gone well past their deadline. Please check the website for Club Championship, “B” Scratch, and Handicap matches. The field will be cut after this tournament for past-due June deadline matches, based on attendance.

July 1 Splitrock

This will be the last announcement and, to date, only the following have signed up:

Don Courtman
Den Marraccini
Kevin Lynch
Jim Gilland
Frank Finnegan
There are still a large number of handicap matches not played that are now over 3 weeks past the June 3 deadline. If not played by this tournament, coin-flips/attendance will determine who advances. Check the brackets on our website and if you are in the handicap, please contact your opponent and show up Sunday.
Deadline for sign-up: 11 AM Thursday.


The following matches need to be played in the Handicap:

Breen. McCrmilick
G. Courtman, K. Brosnan
S. O’Sullivan, T. Elias
F. Finnigan, J. Gilland
P. Colgan, J. Firth
T. O’Meara, P. Costigan
If you have played your match can you let us know who won. Some members have not played any tournaments so far this year if you can not play your match in the next couple of weeks  let us know and we will advance the other member. Don’t forget everyone in the Handicap signed up to play so there should not be any problems getting matches played. Thanks for your cooperation.

June 16 Results


   The results from the Links on Saturday:
1st   Brendan Flynn 38 points
2nd  Bob Andrasick 37 its
3rd   Mike Curtin 37 points
    ctp 7th  Dan Curtin     12th   Kieran O’Sullivan
next outing Sunday July 1st  6:56 AM @ Split Rock….many matches to be played, please check our website ( for the brackets….please sign up by next Wednesday if playing

Dean Marraccini

Dear Woodlawn Golf Club membership,

I wanted to give you all notice that I will be leaving NY and relocating back to the Pittsburgh area. After the sale of the casino, I came to the decision that the time was right to make the move. My last day of work will be August 27th and I should be moved by September 1st.
I would like to thank John O’Shea, Sean O’Sullivan & Tim Bell for getting me into this club. I know it was a hard sell to bring an Italian into an Irish club but very thankful that they did. This club is a fraternity of sorts as I’ve built some long lasting friendships here and very thankful to the membership for accepting me as one of theirs. I will say that having my name on the Club Championship trophy of one the oldest golf clubs in NY is something I will always cherish.
I will make a few more tourneys before I leave but in the fairness and keeping with the integrity of the brackets, I would ask that you move forward those who are scheduled to play me in both the handicap and the club championship brackets. I don’t think it would be fair to keep competing in these if I have no shot of being here until the end. I would rather have those that can advance have that shot and I will not take no for an answer.
Last but not least, I’d like to thank everyone for their hospitality towards me over the years and even though I am leaving (for good this time), I have made some great friends here in this club whom I will remember always.
Dean Marraccini

June 16 The Links

Following Members have signed up for Saturday

K. Brosnan

K. O’Sullivan

D Talbot

M. Verrastro

P. Costigan

T. Elias

P. Lafferty

M. Curtin

D. Curtin

P. Colgan

J. Gilland

B. Flynn

P. Whelan

S. McCrimlisk

If you would like to play E-Mail by Thursday.  We would like to get as many Handicap matches played as possible.