2021 Champions

Player of the Year Mike Curtin

Club Champion Jimmy Murphy Runner Up Joey Browne

B Scratch Champion Frank Finnegan Runner Up Gerry Murphy

Handicap Champion Mike Curtin Runner Up Kieran O’Sullivan

Woodlawn Golf Schedule 2021:

Saturday April 3 Putnam National 10:00

Saturday April 17 Links (Partners)

Saturday May 1 Apple Greens  

Sunday May 16 Links

Sunday May 23 Maple Moor

Sunday June 6 Links

Saturday June 19 Links (Presidents Prize)

Saturday July 3 Maple Moor

Sunday July 18 Links

Sunday July 25 Putnam National 8:00

Sunday August 8 Links

Saturday August 21 Links

Saturday September 4 Putnam National 7:50

Sunday September 19 Maple Moor

Saturday September 25 Links (Memorial)

Sunday October 10 Links

Saturday October 16 Links

2020 Championships

Congratulations to the 2020 Champions

Club Champion Marty Moss, Runner Up Joe Browne

B Champion Kieran O’Sullivan, Runner Up Dominic Mulligan

Handicap Champion Brendan Flynn, Runner up Dominic Mulligan

Player of the Year Brendan Flynn

2020 AGM Summary

– Dues are to be paid by May 1, dues are $200

– Maple Moor received the most votes as far as trying a new course instead of Splitrock and Pelham. We have scheduled 4 tournaments at Maple Moor on a trial basis. We are not tied into the course for the year, if it is not working out we can try something else anytime we like.
– The Gaelic Club gave up some of their Sunday dates at the links this year. We picked up some of their dates in order not to have half our season depending on an unknown course (Maple Moor). If we find a suitable course in the Bronx or Westchester we can go back to an equal split of tournaments next year.
-This year non members of the Links that are playing with a club will be charged $65 dollars for green fees.
-The green fees at Maple Moor are going to be between $40 and $50 to walk a cart will be a extra $20.
 – Schedule will be finalized as soon as we hear back from Maple Moor.
 -We are going to have a tournament in Casperkill On the weekend of Sept 12.
in order to make it a full 16 tournament schedule.
 -The 1st tournament is going to be a Partners competition. Stableford scoring where both players scores will be added together for a team score. You will pick your partner for this tournament. This will be separate from the Partners Championship.
 -Partners Championship will be a 1 day tournament. Players will be matched by their handicaps, high will be matched with low. This will be played April 19.
 -The A,B and Handicap championship will start May 3. Seeding will be based on player index as of May 1.
 – Deadlines are going to be enforced this year.
 -If a deadline is missed attendance at scheduled tournaments will dictate which player moves on.
 – In the event of a tie extra holes can be played. If the players do not want to play extra holes they have to provide a winner before the next tournament if a deadline is in play.
 – If 2 players are scheduled to play a match and both players are signed up for a tournament, the match will be scheduled, and the players have to play the match that day.
-We need new members if you know someone who might be interested in playing bring them to the 1st 2 tournaments. If they think they would like to join they can join and pay their dues by May 1st.
 – We are going to look into an away weekend on Columbus Day weekend. Details will be forwarded later in the season.

AGM 2019

2019 AGM:

Points discussed:

  • Schedule: Schedule is posted on the Web Site. Due to the poor turnout, at several tournaments, there are 2 Tuesday tournaments at the Links. The thought process is we can get out earlier and the course will not be as crowded. This might encourage more members to turnout.


  • Competitions:  You will no longer have to qualify for the A or the B championships. After the revisions come out on May 1st the top 16 indexes and ties will make up the Club Championship. The 2nd 16 and ties will make up the B championship. If the 16th spots have 2 or more players tied, they will have a play in match to see who moves on. Every member whose dues are paid will be included in the A or B and the Handicap unless they choose not to. The first 2 tournament scores will be used to seed the players 1 through 16. If you do not post a score in one of the first 2 outings you will be seeded last.
  • Partners competition will be played again in the same format as last year. This competition will be finished by July no exceptions.
  • Penalty strokes incurred from winning a tournament will only be applied in the calendar year they were received. No penalty shots will be carried over to the next year


  • Dance: The attendance at the last 2 dances was extremely low, the dance seems to be a thing of the past. In lieu of the dance there will be a mid- season party the day of the Presidents Prize tournament, and at the end of the year we will have an Awards Party. Both parties will consist of an open bar and food. The Awards for the year will be given out at the end of the year party.


  • Ryder Cup: If there is interest shown we will try and have a 2 round 1-night stay at Ballyowen and Wild Turkey golf courses. The dates we can go are Sept 21 & 22 or Sept 28 & 29. Both dates are Saturday, Sunday. The cost for golf and hotel is $370. There is also a Sunday, Monday option on October 6 & 7. This option is around $310.


Tipperary supports had a tough 2018 with the Hurling team going winless in Ireland. Here in the Woodlawn Club 2 Tipp men did their part to lift the spirits of the Premier County. Tommy O’Meara won the B Scratch defeating county man Pat Costigan. In the Club Championship Darren Talbot gave an impressive display coming back from being 4 down to nip John O’Shea on the 36 hole. To recap the Winners in 2018:

B Scratch Winner   Tommmy O’Meara

Handicap Champion    John Solon

Club Champion     Darren Talbot

Player of the Year    Dan Curtin 

Not a Narrow Back to be found?

Congratulations To All The Winners


All the draws have been made and are on the Champions Page of the web site. If we can make a push to get some of the Handicap matches played in June it will lighten the schedule for the Summer and Fall.

Monday April 30 Makeup

we have 22 players that have said they will be there:

PJ Colgan
Pat Lafferty
Gerry Murphy
Bill Marshall
Steve McCrimlisk
Kevin Lynch
Jim Murphy
Kieran O’Sullivan
Dominic Mulligan
Dan Curtin
Bob Andrasick ?
Ed Dooley?
Stephen Carey
Kieran Brosnan
Pat Whelan
Owen Kearns
Don Courtman
Darren Talbot
Mike O’Brien
Brendan Flynn
Andy Pile
Thierry Elias
So that will be 6 groups between 12:56 and 1:38 PM.… get there early and enjoy your lunch before playing….if any late additions/scratches, please RSVP promptly……. see you Monday

April 21 at the Links

Here are the pairing for tomorrow, first tee time is slated for 11:30. I will ask that Pat Sullivan, who is copied on this email, please inform me ASAP in the morning if there is any frost delay so that I can update everyone before I get on the road. The Closest-to Pins will be determined on site. Also, the handicaps listed are from the #4 tees. If you are playing #3 tees, please inform me and adjustment will be made.

   We will play WINTER RULES in all fairways as the course is still soft from heavy rain earlier in the week.
11:30    Costigan  ( 17)    Brosnan   (14)    McCrimlisk  (11)    Bennett  (6)
11:39     Bell  (8)   Mulligan  (16)  —— (  Gerry Murphy (12)- Marraccini (3)    Handicap match?)
11:48    Byrne (24)   —–(Whelan(16)   Lafferty (16)   Handicap match ?)
11:57    Marshall (11)  Kieran O’Sullivan   (12)   Maher   (24)
12:06   Colgan  (16)   Jim Murphy  (10)   Stephen Murphy (nh)
12:15   Talbot  (12)  Thornton (13)   (Dan Curtin (23)–Solon (9) handicap match?)
12:24   Gilland (10)   Mike Curtin (13)   Lynch (13)   Mike O’Brien  (nh)
As you see, there a a few three-balls, so if anyone who hasn’t signed up has a change of heart later, contact me and you will get in. The forecast is Sunny, 10-14 mph wind, and a high of 52 up there, so be prepared for colder weather than the thermometer suggests.
It is incumbent to keep your group moving. We will play STABLEFORD tomorrow, so keep your group moving and if your score is ( for guys with 18 handicaps or less) more than a double bogey, for the love of God, pick the ball up !!!   bring a pen so your scorecard is legible and not the usual chicken-scratch that is turned in…..especially since it is stableford, keep a neater card than is the norm.

April 21

Gents, the second half of the week looks better with more normal Springtime temperatures and sunshine.  So far, the following have signed up:

Jim Gilland
Kieran O’Sullivan
Tim Bell
Dean Marraccini
Jim Murphy
Kevin Lynch (?)
Also, the wheels are in motion to secure Pelham Bay for two weeks from today, Monday  April 30 beginning at 1PM, to make up our cancelled tournament on April 8. I have received indications of interest from the following members:
PJ Colgan
Pat Lafferty
Gerry Murphy
Bill Marshall
Steve McCrimlisk
Kevin Lynch
Sean O’Sullivan
Jim Murphy
Kieran O’Sullivan
Dominic Mulligan
Dan Curtin
Bob Andrasick
Ed Dooley
If we got 16 guys, it would be worthwhile. Plus, I will try to make sure we get the same deal as everyone else gets there after noon on weekdays. That is, $48 gets greens fee, cart, lunch, and two beverages. I will keep you posted but please check your calendar and see if you can make it.