President’s Prize Results

Congratulations to Pat Costigan on taking the Presidet’s Prize yesterday at The Links. Full results were:
1st – Pat Costigan – 41 points
2nd – Tom Bennett – 38 points
3rd place- Gerry Murphy – 37 points
4th place – Dan Curtin (17-19) = 36 points
5th place- Gerry Noone (20-16) = 36 points
6th place – Tony Dunleavy (16-19) = 35 points

CTP 8th hole Frank Finnegan. CTP 12th Hole John O’Meara    LD 8th hole Donal Maher


In Championship play, Steve McCrimlisk beat Kieran Brosnan in the Handicap and Kieran Brosnan beat Thierry Elias in the B Scratch

Saturday’s line-up—- President’s prize – First Tee Time 12:03

Please meet upstairs at 11:00 AM for a brief meeting before the tournament


Group 1: J O’Meara 14 J Stapleton 13

T Bennett 8 P Byrne 24

Group 2 G Sherry 17 M Moss 8 ( Handicap)
Marshall 17 Maher 19 ( Handicap)

Group 3 K O’Sullivan 13/11 Noone 18
Dunleavy 14 Talbot 12

Group 4 J Gilland 8 G Murphy 11 (Club Championship)
P Omeara 20 S Carey 14 ( Handicap)

Group 5 Lafferty 11 McCrimlisk 12 ( Club Championship)
Brosnan 15 Elias 15/13 ( B Scratch)

Group 6 Dooley 24 Solon 8

Finnegan 14    T.O’Meara 15​

Group 7 Flynn 19 Sweeney 23
M Curtin 12 Scales 24

Group 8 P Smyth 21 D Curtin 23 J Browne 10

Last reminder: Saturday July, 19th 12:30 PM President’s Prize

From: Jim Murphy

The event this Saturday July 19 at the links is the President’s Prize, a major on our calender. First group goes out at 12:30. If you haven’t contacted me and want to play, please do so by 4 PM tomorrow (Thursday). Also, note that today is the deadline for the first round of the Club Championship and B competition. If not completed, unfortunately a coinflip will determine who moves on to next round.


Results from Sunday July 6

From Jim Murphy:

We had another perfect day at Pelham on Sunday. Course conditions were much better than we have come to expect at a City-run course in the middle of summer, so kudos to the maintenance crew over there. results were as follows:
1st – Thierry Elias 19-20 = 39 points
2nd – Dominic Mulligan 18-18 =36 points
3rd place- Gerry Murphy 15-20= 35 points
4th place – John Scales 17-18 = 35 points
5th place- Steve McCrimlisk 18-17 = 35 points
6th place – Donal Maher 19-16 = 35 points

CTP 8th hole Bob Wallace. CTP 12th Hole Dan Curtin CTP 16th hole Gerry Murphy LD 10th hole David Reynolds
Match results are being sent to John O’Meara and he should have the brackets updated in short order.

IMPORTANT—- The first round of the Club Championship and B Flight need to be completed by Wednesday July 16. This is because matches for the next round need to be set up Thursday July 17 for the Saturday July 19 event at the Links. PLEASE consult the website to see where you stand and make every attempt to play your match.
Let me know by next Thursday of your intent to play at the Links on Saturday July 19…Thanks, Jim

Sunday morning , July 6th 7:08 at Pelham Bay

Because I will be out of town Friday and Saturday, I will need to give the management at Pelham/Split Rock our sign-ups on Thursday at noon. So please commit sooner rather than later if you wish to play in next Sunday’s tournament. Below are the sign-ups to date and the matches they intend to play. If you are listed as an opponent and have not signed up, please contact me so I can arrange the most matches possible. This will be the last tournament to settle Handicap and Partner’s first round matches.

Don Courtman
Bob Wallace-John Gallen ( B Scratch)

Bill Marshall>>>> this team has signed up, need to play B.Flynn – T O’Meara, who have not
Jim Gilland>>>>>

Greg Courtman
Steve McCrimlisk

D Mulligan>>>>>> this team has signed up, want to play K O’Sullivan and K Brosnan, who have not
Frank Finnegan

Gerry Sherry- Joe Browne ( Handicap)

Other matches that need to be played Partners Sweeney/ G Murphy vs Browne/Maher Andrasick/Kearns vs. Smyth/Breen

As it is a holiday week, a timely response is appreciated…..Jim