Results From August 16th at The Links

From Thierry Eias:

1. Peter Byrne: 41 pts (off 24 hdcp)
2. Mike Curtin: 41 pts (off 12 hdcp)

3. Pat Lafferty: 40 pts (off 11 hdcp) – breaking 80 first time ever!
4. Dan Curtin: 39 pts (off 23 hdcp)
5. Dominic Mulligan: 39 pts (off 16 hdcp)
6. Joe Stapleton: 38 pts (off 14 hdcp)

CTP #3: Steve McCrimlisk
CTP #7: Darren Talbot
LD #17: John Scales

Saturday, Aug 16 at Links 10:36 am

Fro Jim Murphy:

Here are final numbers, Tom Bennett has picked 16 guys to play in Links Cup match against Spillane. Those guys will be assigned tee times by Mr. B upon arrival. Those matches commence at 11:03. The others are assigned tee times as follows:

10:36 Darren Talbot Joe Stapleton Guest Guest

10:45 Damien Sweeney Jim Murphy Ed Dooley Peter Byrne

10:54 Phil O’Meara John Scales Mike Muller ( guest) Gerry Noone


Gerry Murphy
Steve McCrimlisk
Bob Andrasick
Thierry Elias
Stephen Carey
John O’Meara
Joe Browne

Kieran O’Sullivan
Dan Curtin
Pat Lafferty
Pat Smyth
Mike Curtin
Brendan Flynn
Tom Bennett
Dominic Mulligan
Gerry Sherry

Note that handicaps are not given here since there is a revision tomorrow. Other details will be provided at check-in.

Signed up so far for Saturday

From Jim Murphy:

If your name is not on this list and you want to play, please respond by tomorrow afternoon.

P O’Meara
J O’Meara
K O’Sullivan
D Curtin
M Curtin
J Scales and guest